w0msn 2008

My Home QTH

qth yard photo
My home QTH is located in Shorewood, Minnesota. I have about 1.3 acres. I was lucky enough to buy this place back in about 1996 for almost nothing. The house was falling apart badly and I had to do a lot of work to it. It's a work in progress. It is pretty good for putting up lots of antennas but I still try to keep them out of sight. The property was originally named Maple Hollow but when I am on the radio I refer to is as "The Crater". It has the lowest elevation of any piece of property in the area with hills on all sides except the North. Its probably the worst place I could choose for a Ham location but at least its good for hiding antennas.
When I remodeled my house back in about 1997 I took what was originally a bar and made a small office area out of it. I added some columns to help define it a little. The area was the perfect spot to set up my Ham Station. It's on the main floor and the back wall of the desk is at the back of the house so all the holes I drilled for the coax are not visable from the front yard so my wife is happy. The room has to sets of french doors and is pretty quiet when I close the doors. family room
Sunset photo taken from south shore of lake Minnetonka facing North West. I dont live on the lake. I live across the street from the lake but there is a fire lane across from my property that I can walk down to go fishing or watch sunsets.
lake minnetonka