w0msn 2008


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Current SOHO Image

Cubex Quad.

4 elements on 6 meters, 8 elements on 2 meters. This antenna is extremely light and is being turned by a radio shack tv rotator. Has 14 dbi gain on 2 meters and 9 dbi gain on 6 meters.

Link to Cubex Antennas

Cubex Quad
The Cubex Quad uses fibreglass rods with arrow knocks for wire holders. They work very nicely provided they will hold up long term in the sun and weather.
arrow knock

Tower Base Mount.

This uses a single 5"pipe with 1/4 wall burried about 7 feet undergrounted and cemented in. It has a second pipe that swivels inside the first (well greased) so the tower can be rotated. This allows tilting the tower down in any direction. It lets me clear some tree branches that are close by. A boat winch with braking swstem raises and lowers the tower.

tower mount
Here is the tower in the tilted position. All my antennas and towers get painted camo green. I try to blend them in as well as i can. In the summer they are very hard to see but they are also quite invisible in the fall. They take on the look of tree trunk.
tower 1
I built the tower tilting mount framework to connect to a Rohn tower.
tower swivel
Welding on my 10 foot tripod that will hold my Gap Titan. This will also get camo paint,
welding tripod
Gap Titan mounted at the back side of ny house. The entire antenna has camo paint. it really helpes keep it under the radar of the neighborhood
gap titan
My daughter Natalie kc0zso climbing up the tower to mount my 80 meter dipole. She loves to climb up the tower any time work needs doing.
Natalie on tower
Location of antennas. They are not very visible. I am going to hilight the locations on this photo soon.