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Ham Radio Field Day 2007

natalie and case
My daughter Natalie kc0zso getting the radios unpacked.
My Ham Radio field Day set up. It is a old trailer tent redesigned for hauling antennas. It has a tilting mount on the back for safely raising antenna mounting poles as high as 40 feet.
truck and trailer
HHere is Natalie getting anxious to get some contacts in the log book. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were set up on a high open location overlooking a lake near Mound Minnesota.
NNatalie was running 2 meter FM and SSB on an Icom 275 H all mode.
Natalie and ham radio trailer
I was running the HF bands with a yaesu 897D. We were running on generator power. I placed the generator in front of the truck and it was very quiet at the radio operating positions.
Radio position